Web Edition of REAL Studio launched

REAL Studio 2010 Release 5 arrived this week, and now includes "Web Edition".

This tool is a huge breakthrough, allowing you to create desktop-style apps deployed in a web browser. You build web apps in the same manner as desktop apps -- drag and drop widgets to forms, add programming to the widgets, and write classes as well. All in the same language: REALbasic. Same code editor and debugger, same commands and libraries. Except of course the web app widgets are a little different and more limited given the limitations of browser technologies and given that Web Edition is a new 1.0 feature set though built on top of an established toolset.

The wonderful thing about Web Edition is what is not in it:

Well, actually, Web Edition has all those, but you the programmer don't see them. As a programmer you need know nothing about web technologies. Keep your brain in desktop-app mode, but deploy to a browser. Amazing.

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