No need to adjust memory configuration when installing Postgres on Mac

EnterpriseDB.com is kind enough to provide the Mac OS X installer for Postgres.  Using that installer is even easier that it seems.

The last few versions such as 9.1 come bundled with a ReadMe that is misleading. The ReadMe states that you need to adjust your shared memory configuration. Actually, the installer does this for you.

[1] Download and run the installer.

[2] Read the following message displayed by the installer.

[3] Restart your Mac.

The installer installs some script to automatically launch the Postgres engine when your Mac starts.

[4] Run the installer again to complete the installation process.

I am recording here the last last sentence in that message, for future reference:
If you wish to restore the default [memory configuration] settings in the future, simply delete the /etc/sysctl.conf and reboot.

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