New GUI in Mountain Lion

I took a look at these screen shots of pre-release Mountain Lion Server, now 3 months old.

Here are some differences I noticed in the GUI widgets. No big drastic changes, but interesting to those of us building data-entry/database oriented software. Perhaps some of these are in Lion, but not that I’ve noticed.
  • On the read-only panels (without data-entry) they have:
    • Greyed-out field labels
    • No colons on the labels (Apple has never been consistent on label colons)
  • Grey trim around the data-entry panel, making it look like an index card floating above a surface
  • Extra large & bolded fonts for grouping label
  • Centered tabs
  • "Edit…” buttons, presumably to present further data-entry dialogs or assistance
  • Slightly different presentation of +/-/✎ buttons
  • “Cancel” & “Done” buttons
    • Not “OK” 
    • Set inside a grey panel
  • White background in main data-entry area, but grey background in header and footer areas. 
    • Yet sheets are the opposite, white b/g for title but grey for data-entry.
  • The grey footer seems inconsistently used. 
    • Or perhaps the grey footer is present only for panels that have undoable actions and after the user does some data-entry then the Cancel/Done buttons appear in that grey footer.

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