EndOfLine in REALbasic

REAL Studio 2010 offers the command "EndOfLine" to generate a platform-savvy sequence of one or two characters commonly used to mark the end of a line of text or other use as a delimiter.

But we don't always want a platform savvy choice. Using that choice means our software runs inconsistently from one host OS to another.

To generate a specific end of line character(s) in REALbasic type:
  • EndOfLine.Unix 
  • EndOfLine.Windows
  • EndOfLine.Macintosh
The .Unix choice generates a LineFeed, ASCII/Unicode 10.

The .Windows choice generates 2 characters, a Carriage Return and LineFeed, ASCII/Unicode 13 and 10.

The .Macintosh choice generates a Carriage Return, ASCII/Unicode 13.

That .Macintosh choice is old-school, common in the days of the classic Mac OS 8 and 9, before Mac OS X. By contrast, Mac OS X is Unix-based. While many older Mac programs may still expect lines to be delimited by a carriage return, newer programs expect a linefeed. 

My own default on any platform is the .Unix choice, a linefeed, unless I have some specific reason otherwise.

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