REALbasic has a "for each" syntax

I read this tip about the REALbasic language having a convenient "for each" syntax to access the elements of an array.

Here is an example pulled from my code in a REAL Studio 2010 project. My window has an array of threads. I want to kill all of those threads when the window closes.

// Close event handler on my Window

  dim t as Thread

  for each t in self.usageReporterThreads

    if( t <> nil ) then

      t.Kill // Kill each thread in the array.

    end if


By the way, that's an example of polymorphism. The array holds instances of a subclass of Thread. But when I retrieve each instance, I can consider it as "Thread" (the parent class). The method I need ("Kill") is defined as part of "Thread" so there is no need to make this code block aware of the subclass. If I change the subclass, this code continues to work (does not break or need updating).

Here's a generic example of this "for each" syntax:

for each x in someArray

  if x <> nil then

    // Do some work.

  end if


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