Use Google to search REAL Studio docs

I really miss the PDF version of docs for REAL Studio 2010. With PDFs, I can use Apple Preview or Adobe Reader to search through an entire manual to find occurrences not listed in the TOC or Index.

The REAL Studio team has chosen to move from PDFs to online wiki-based docs, for the noble reason of keeping the docs always up to date. Unfortunately, the price we paid is awkward search capability. Unless you are searching for an exact class name, the search utility at docs.realsoftware.com leads to frustration.

Then I remembered the wise man who taught me this nifty trick in using Google: Constrain a Google search to a single domain (web site). Simply add the word "site:" (with a colon) and the domain name. Then add on your usual search criteria.

For example, instead of googling this:
Shared Property
Put this into your Google bar and smoke it:
site:docs.realsoftware.com Shared Property


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