Zipping beyond the Mac

I distribute my cross-platfrom app to the world as simply a zipped file. That seems to be working well, except for two problems:

  • Older versions of Windows, even Windows XP, may not ship with a Zip tool. 
  • When creating the zip on my Mac using the Finder command File > Compress*, extra files or folders are included for Mac-savvy features. 
The first problem, I have no answer for. Except to say I've gotten no complaints from the public yet. So perhaps the problem is not widespread today.

The second problem is a problem only for the non-Mac crowd. On a Mac, the extra file/folders are invisible. But on Linux and Windows computers, the users see this extra crud and are likely to get confused. I have found 2 easy fixes.
  • Path Finder
    This excellent app from CocoaTech is a Swiss Knife full of diverse tools, handy for a range of geeks and programmers. It costs about forty bucks, and so worth it. Relevant here is the ability to create zips. By default it creates zips in the same Mac-savvy way. To strip that extra stuff in future zips, in Path Finder preferences, turn ON the two "Ignore" checkboxes.
     Ignore invisible file when compressing
    Ignore resource forks when compressing

  • YemuZip
    This free app from Yellow Mug does one simple thing: Create zips. Drag-and drop easy. With the option of stripping away the Mac-specific stuff. Perfect. Even includes a feature to check for updates.

* Older versions of Mac OS X: File > Make Archive

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