Another Font for Programmers: Adobe "Source Code Pro"

Source Code Pro by Adobe is a new (2012) free-of-cost and open-source monospace font designed for programming use.

Designed for programmers means, among other things, similar characters are made distinct. Indeed, I read about this string that makes a cute example of three such similar characters:
1 illinois
 Read more about this new font in this Adobe blog by Paul D. Hunt.

The reigning king of programmers' fonts is still Pragmata. But it is nevertheless nice to have another choice alongside Apple Menlo, DejaVu Mono (the mother of Menlo), Microsoft Consolas, and Ubuntu Monospace.

By the way, this font is a follow-up to another open-source font from Adobe, Source Sans Pro discussed in this announcement. Adobe hosts these and other open source projects at SourceForge.

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