Java Serialization Articles

Some articles I found useful when studying Java Serialization.

Serialization is the process of "dehydrating" an object's state (fields of data) and its meta-data (its Class, super-classes, number and data type of its fields, and so on). This information is written into a file or other stream of octets. The format of those octets is a part of the Java standard, the same across various host platforms. Later, a serialized Java object may be "rehydrated" into an instance in memory in the same Java Virtual Machine or any other JVM.

Serialization (Wikipedia)
For those new to the concept.

5 things you didn't know about ... Java Object Serialization
By Ted Neward.

Official spec for Java 7 Serialization

Top 10 Java Serialization Interview Questions

Testing object serialization
by Elliotte Rusty Harold


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