Questions About New Grid Widget In Vaadin 7.4

• Can I set tooltips for the grid headers (column titles)? It is common to use abbreviations for the displayed title while wanting to show the expanded full title in a tooltip.

• Similarly, can grid cell values have a tooltip? It would be nice to attach explanatory  or additional info in a tooltip while keeping the displayed cell content short (abbreviated, or coded).

• Does Grid slow down my app in Vaadin 7.4.2? Since I upgraded to 7.4 from 7.3, my app now displays the yellow and red spinning wheels more often.

• Calling "setContainerDataSource" and passing a new container has no effect on displayed data. The documentation is sparse. Is this a bug; should setting the container cause that container's data to be displayed on screen in place of the old data? Is there some other command I am supposed to call to get the data displayed? In contrast, keeping the same container while removing all items and then adding a collection of items does indeed automatically cause the grid to display fresh data.