Cool MacBook Workstation

I mean cool literally. Apple designed the MacBook Pro laptop to run cool for basic use. But if you start pushing hard on those cores, it heats up like a hot potato. Add some ambient heat and you'll hear those little internal fans blowing a mighty wind. Electronics hate the heat, so is there a way we can make life easier for our faithful servant MacBooks?

# 1 – Roost

First step, get yourself one of the handy-dandy laptop-lifting wonders: the Roost.

This clever invention is lightweight, mighty strong, easy to pack in my nifty Brenthaven SlimPack, and quick to setup/teardown.

I have the original Roost. You may have to wait to get the new design,  shipping in November 2015. Hopefully better than ever, but their first design was already perfect in my mind.

# 2 – Fan

The modern MacBooks are designed to shed heat through their metal frame and casing. Move some air past that metal and you'll greatly enhance the cooling effect.

So how to move air beneath your MacBook? Well, notice in that picture of the Roost how the derrière is raised upwards? Perfect positioning to place a small angled fan beneath, blowing a steady stream of air into the bottom case of your laptop. You need only a small fan, like the Insignia™ - High-Velocity 4" Mini Fan at BestBuy.com.

Cost? Six bucks on sale now. Usually USD $ 10.

Available in white, blue, or sorbet (pink).


The cage pivots to swing the fan upwards. You can easily adjust it to hit your MacBook.

The fan does make some noise, a steady buzz, similar to the quieter versions of fans found in the old tower computers of yore. May be a tad louder than the MacBook’s own fans. The sound seems physical, apparently the moving of the blades, and much less annoying than an electronic hum. 

The small motor has some unexpected heft, hopefully will prove reliable. Has a metal cage and shiny metal blades rather than crude plastic. Moves just the right amount of air to keep the MacBook cool and its internal fans off while not disturbing me or my papers.